Bless Online Is Having An October Login Event

Bless Online Is Having An October Login Event

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Neowiz and Bless Online will be having a login event for the month of October. Bless Online players will simply need to click on the Collect Daily Rewards button and redeem the goods on their chosen characters.

The items range from Hour Growth Potions, Harvesting Tools, Skins and more. For a full list of items, visit the Steam page here.

Some important information regarding the event can be found below.

  • The Attendance Check resets every day at 00:00 depending on each region.
  • The Attendance Check is complete only after logging in, clicking on the “Collect Daily Reward” button, and claiming the reward.
  • Even though attendance can be checked by all characters in one region, the rewards can be redeemed by only one character.
  • Although Attendance Check is available in the Tutorial Zone, you will not be able to access the mailbox. Please collect your Attendance Check reward once you finish the the tutorial and are able to access the mailbox.
  • The Attendance Check rewards can be redeemed for 15 days. If you completed the Attendance Check for all 15 days, please wait until the next Attendance Check event.
  • The rewards will be sent via Mail and can be found in the claim queue for 7 days. Make sure to redeem the rewards before then since they will be deleted from the Mail Inbox.
  • If you miss a login day, your progress doesn’t reset! You’ll pick up on whatever number you left off on.
  • Please note that after collecting it, the reward cannot be transferred to another character.

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