Changes Are Coming To Attribute-Selectable Gear In Guild Wars 2

Changes Are Coming To Attribute-Selectable Gear In Guild Wars 2

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In an effort to reduce confusion and clutter, ArenaNet has stated that it will be overhauling attribute-selectable gear in an upcoming update for Guild Wars 2. Attribute-selectable gear are gear pieces – both weapon and armor – that lets you select its attribute combination. The choices currently depend on a variety of factors, such as expansions. For example, players looking for Power stats would pick Berserker’s as their combination option.

With the next release, ArenaNet are looking to reduce the confusion about which attribute combinations are available on any given piece of gear. Therefore, the majority of attribute-selectable equipment in the game will be updated to include all of the attribute combinations available to your account, based on the expansions you own. Legendary equipment will still have all attribute combinations available regardless of expansion ownership.

When this change goes live, many pieces of attribute-selectable gear will reset. You’ll need to reselect the attribute combinations on your equipped gear and the gear in your inventory. If your equipped gear is affected, you will receive a hint reminding you to select attributes for it.

If you’re a Play for Free player—or if you purchased the core game before Play for Free was an option and you don’t own any expansions—attribute-selectable gear will only display a selection of attribute combinations that were released before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™. If you own one expansion, you’ll get to choose attribute combinations from the core game as well as any introduced in that expansion. If you own both Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, you’ll have access to all of the attribute combinations.

Exceptions include the following:

  • Crafted backpacks
  • Elite specialization collection armor and weapon rewards
  • Attribute combinations related to raids and fractals (Assaulter’s/Defender’s/Healer’s/Malicious)

For more information on this, check out the official post here.

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