Chronicles of Elyria: Living, Breathing and Dying with your Character.

Chronicles of Elyria: Living, Breathing and Dying with your Character.

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Chronicles of Elyria: Living, Breathing and Dying with your Character:

Possibly the first ever and most anticipated hype in a long run, Chronicles of Elyria is a unique MMORPG that allows players to grow old and eventually reach death’s door in the virtual world. Of course the character is able to be reincarnated from scratch without any items and start off afresh. In my review, I am going to explain, explore and expect.


This game is essentially open-world allowing players to roam off to far off lands, discovering and conquer new areas or step into realms beyond their comprehension. All in all, it is something to be excited about.

The main attraction to this game is the opportunities. Unlike what we perceive the general MMOs to have, this game runs without a class system. As each individual are given the option to climb the ranks of social classes or work in any field they would like. Imagine that a peasant farmer working his way up to be a king. The possibilities is endless!

In addition to having a rank system, each “class” has their own job or laws they may implement onto other players. Talk about politics in this game, the amount of detail and roleplaying is astounding.. Players may write up contracts to impose or to formally address event. But laws created does not necessarily create a barrier that prevents it from being broken. Remember that!

Player Driven Economy

This is the true definition of players functioning and heavily affecting how the economy works in the game. No in-game text to determine value, no store based items either, everything is by bargaining and logic. How the economy plays out is the rarity of the items as to how easy it is to reproduce, create, forage, and others.

Players are not limited to buying and selling but also providing services. One that I anticipate the most would be assassination. Think about the controversy, the shocking fact or the dark cult behind the idea of being able to contract assassins. This sends shivers down my spine, I cannot wait any longer! Others involve being advisors, doctors, scientists, historians, providing protection, running a tavern and of course, sexual purposes. Let’s face it, it’s bound to be an adult-themed game.

Combat System

The game combat system focuses on a non-targeting combat systems involving a lot of strategy and patience taken into account. Players must dodge, block, parry, attack and maintain their stamina whilst doing so. This reflects heavily upon the concept of Dark Souls combat system or the Elder Scrolls Online without the big scary and ravishing monsters and sci-fi or fantasy elements. Instead it is placed in a more medieval realm with a realistic theme.

However, it was mentioned that some characters in the game would be able to unlock this special trait allowing them to use magic of sort. You may either be lucky enough to be given powers or stumble upon relics or artifacts bestowing magical powers upon you. Either way, sounds pretty epic and exclusive, a feature to be taken note of.

While the character does not exactly “log out” the game, but instead left alone to run businesses or sleep. Special scripts were made by the developers, to help players who are AFK (away from keyboard) to ensure that their player have a fighting chance of survival. Good job admins!


  • One that I am most excited about is the progress. Would the developers come together and allow social progress and modernization to occur? We could see us progressing from a medieval age to a sci-fi futuristic age of mankind after years of gameplay. Think about it!
  • Magic, there are a few ways this could go. Magic could be deemed dangerous and witches and wizardry are kept as taboo. Thus, eliminating or discouraging the practice of magic in the world. If magic were to be practiced and accepted by all, we could see creation of life, revivals, mythical creatures and live out our Harry Potter fantasies.
  • We could also witness the end of the World itself. A meteorite may descend from the sky, eliminating life and destroying the world. This would prompt a new world to be created and to start over anew and players would enjoy the realism that comes out of this game.

Either way, I am definitely taking part in this adventure of the lifetime(s).


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