Crowfall Reveals Massive Graphics Overhaul

Crowfall Reveals Massive Graphics Overhaul

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Crowfall Reveals Massive Graphics Overhaul

Some massive news is being revealed by Crowfall this week. The first is that there are major graphic overhauls coming to the game.

The big announcement is that ArtCraft reveals that the Crowfall team are eager to polish the aesthetics. To that end, the team are working with Unreal engineers to make improvements to both graphics and client performance.

This is incredibly good news to players awaiting release or in beta. Unreal as a game engine is probably one of the best looking ones out there. To hear that it might be incorporated into one of the most anticipated MMOs is great.

There have been a lot of notable RPG games of late using the engine, including Conan Exiles and the upcoming Darksiders III. Thus, the result could be a fresh perspective on Crowfall that will reinvigorate the hype towards the MMO, considering Ashes of Creation has been dominating the headlines.

Furthermore, to accompany the news reveal, the team put out a two minute video. In it, you can see some of the graphical improvements in action and it’s glorious. The world now just comes to life with bright colors and environments that feels real. It’s a lot better than what it used to be. I’m a huge advocate for graphical updates and this is a good decision. Check out the video below.





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