Dauntless: Ostigaard Justice Update Contains New Map, Weapons Refresh and More

Dauntless: Ostigaard Justice Update Contains New Map, Weapons Refresh and More

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Free to play co-op monster hunting action RPG Dauntless has launched its brand new update, Ostigaard Justice. With it contains plenty of new features, like a new map, a new hunt pass and a refresh of the Repeater weapon.

Those looking forward to the new map will enjoy what Blazeworks has to offer. The Ostians have returned to a sprawling facility on this Hunting Grounds island for mysterious purposes. Expect to face extremely powerful Behemoths while discovering twisted secrets. Two new island events are available in The Blazeworks: Poison Personality and Infernal Gaze.

There’s also a new Omnicell called the Tempest, which allows you to capitalize on high movement speed and maneuverability to outwit your foes. You can unlock Tempest alongside Bastion and Iceborne on the Slayer’s Path at level VII.

Passive: Attack speed +10%.
Dodging through an attack grants a stack of Velocity.
Each stack lasts 45 seconds and increases movement speed by 3%.
Max 5 stacks.

Active: Consume a stack of Velocity to dash ahead and deal 400 shock damage to a nearby target, prioritizing unbroken behemoth parts.
For every 1% increase in movement speed, deal +5% damage to unbroken parts.
Stacks are refreshed on use.

As for the Repeaters, this update brings a refresh. The Ostian repeaters refresh brings a number of gameplay adjustments and quality of life improvements to our first ranged weapon. The first thing you may notice is that the repeaters are no longer modular — you will now craft repeaters as a cohesive whole. Besides making crafting repeaters more streamlined, this refresh gives you access to a full set of unique effects for repeaters and allows you to show off brand-new cosmetic designs based on each Behemoth.

If you crafted repeaters prior to 1.7.3, you will see a full refund for all your crafting materials, including any aetherhearts and rams spent on power surging. In addition to streamlining the process, the new way of crafting repeaters will cost you fewer resources.

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