Dawn of Awakenings Update Now Live On Kritika Online

Dawn of Awakenings Update Now Live On Kritika Online

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Dawn of Awakenings Update Now Live On Kritika Online

Kritika Online has been updated with the Dawn of Awakenings patch, bringing new content to the game this week. The maintenance for said patch has already taken place, which means players can now login to enjoy the new content. Among the new things available are new class awakenings for the Warrior and Monk. New danger zones and challenges are also up for exploration for existing players.

Here’s an overview of everything that’s new with the Dawn of Awakenings update:

Second Awakenings: Warriors and Monks achieve a new level of power in the latest update. When your Advanced Class Warrior or Monk reaches level 70, has a minimum Combat Rating of 170,000, and has completed the Windhome story line, they can embark on a new Awakening quest. This questline not only unlocks a sweet new character portrait, but also six powerful skills!
Windhome Danger Zones: Part 2: The Windhome story continues with four new Danger Zones.
A New Challenge: Venture to the Dusk Pirates’ Den for your greatest challenge yet.
Unlock the full power of Dusk Gear: Collect Dusk weapons, chest, leg, and hands items to complete your set.
Hone your Etherforce: The Etherforce system gets a revamp in the latest update. If you have a pre-existing character, your Etherforce points will be refunded upon login.
New Events and Limited-Time Danger Zones: From launch until June 13, we’ve got special events and limited-time Danger Zones with special rewards!

For more information, check out the full patch notes here.

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