New ArcheAge Expansion Erenor Eternal Arrives On June 7th

New ArcheAge Expansion Erenor Eternal Arrives On June 7th

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New ArcheAge Expansion Erenor Eternal Arrives On June 7th

The brand new expansion for ArcheAge is on the horizon. Trion Worlds and XL games confirms that the release date is set at June 7th.

Players looking forward to the expansion can expect a host of brand new content. Starting at the top, level cap players now have a new progression system to further develop their characters. There will also be new Ancestral Skills on top of two new open world battlegrounds, Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island.

Besides adding new content, the game will also take a look at existing system for polish. Improvements are coming to the crafted gear system in addition to trade route restructuring.

As for what the game hopes to accomplish with the new expansion, here’s a quote from the team:

“ArcheAge has always been a forward-thinking game. It repeatedly pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished in a sandbox MMO and that’s something it will always do going forward. If there’s one thing Erenor has done since the game launched, it’s continued to evolve and challenge everyone who walks its many paths.

Some of these changes are absolutely going to make the game feel very different than it has before, and we ask everyone to keep an open mind about them. Reading is one thing, but experiencing them in the context of everything else in the game is another.”

For more on ArcheAge and the new expansion, check out the official website here.



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