Does Games Promote Sexism? Part II

Does Games Promote Sexism? Part II

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Does Games Promote Sexism? Part II

In a recent article we have published we have examined a new study that found correlation between sexism and gaming. The more a teenager players games he is more likely to have sexist thoughts. Therefore, we have concluded that the gaming world still has room to evolve. However, new findings about the study have jeopardized the conclusions from the research. Lately, it seems like the internet is full with this research. Women activists treat it like candy. However, the situation is more complex.

The researchers have accused the teenagers with sexism after presenting only a single statement about it: ““A woman is made mainly for making and raising children.”. Obviously, because French women are more likely to object this statement they won’t be accused of sexism. Hence, Claiming that women aren’t sexist because they object that statement isn’t a proper research. Counter statement such as: “A men is made mainly for working and bringing money.” weren’t asked.


I have an alternative thesis to why males were accused of sexism. I think that males that play more enjoy less physical social life. They are more likely to not spend time with women nor have a deep social understanding of women. When you don’t know, it’s easier to say stupid things. I don’t think that in France, where women enjoy more equality than in other countries males would be so stupid about it. Hence, the research hasn’t really helped the women struggle for equality.

It is a fact that women aren’t equal to men in many aspects. Some people pin this problem solely on men. However the situation is more complex. I think that a person should fight not to interpret the world but to change it. We all should be nice to our girlfriends, moms, sisters and all of the other women we meet in our day to day life. Women are just as smart as men, sometimes a lot more. In gaming, the women figure is often misrepresented as a sexual predator. Since mostly males play these games it’s no wonder why the misrepresentation exists. In my opinion, it is the same as men are portrayed in romantic comedies. Every women wants prince charming to swipe her off the feet, this is the same as males want women to be more outgoing.

What do you think? Does games promote sexism?

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