Elsword Offers New Boost For Characters

Elsword Offers New Boost For Characters

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Elsword Offers New Boost For Characters

Gameforge and developer KOG Games are releasing the next update to their successful anime sidescroller Elsword today. Following the first path of the third class change, the 12 Elsword heroes are now receiving their next expansion with the second path.

As a result, players will in future be able to rise from Rune Knight to Rune Master, Aisha from Soul Princess to Oz Wizard and Rose transforms from the Crimson Rose to become the Black Massacre.

Along with the new boost for the characters, the gameis also delivering a wealth of special events to help level up the heroes much more quickly than usual. Newcomers to the game will also be welcomed with events that ease their entry. With the new second path, experienced veterans will get a selection of costumes to help refresh their heroes both in play and battle.

Former players who choose to return to the fantastic world of Elios can look forward to a welcome gift with some special equipment and items.

Overall, this is a very good catch up mechanic for new players. It’s also fantastic for players that are leveling alt characters.

Elsword can be found at https://en.elsword.gameforge.com/landing via the Gameforge Client and, since 14th June, via Steam.


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