Eternal Magic Has Began Its Open Beta Test

Eternal Magic Has Began Its Open Beta Test

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Upcoming free to play MMORPG Eternal Magic has opened its open beta test today. Previously, the game held its CBT for two weeks which founders pack owners were granted access to. The current OBT is available to all on English servers. All progress from the closed beta has been reset, while items from Early Access Packs were made available to characters created during open beta. Players now have access to all locations, main and side quests, as well as the ability to advance characters to level 60.

Eternal Magic is an old-school MMORPG developed specifically for people who love the classics. It features six traditional classes, various types of quests you’ve known since childhood, a compelling story, pet brawls, and dynamic battles, both in PvE and PvP modes.

Other Eternal Magic’s features include:

  • Beautiful graphics that even players without the top of the line hardware can enjoy thanks to great optimization.
  • A robust social component which includes parties with friends in your own house!
  • Ability to create unique skill builds by utilizing a flexible role-playing system.

Get a pack or get in the open beta test now.

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