EVE Online Embraces Its 14th Year With A Celebration

EVE Online Embraces Its 14th Year With A Celebration

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EVE Online Embraces Its 14th Year With A Celebration

It’s official – EVE Online is now the longest running space sandbox MMO. The legendary title is celebrating 14 years of fun this week. For 5114 days and counting, EVE has been the platform to tell your stories: the good, the bad and the unexpected.

In celebration of the 14th Anniversary, players are eligible to redeem the following gifts:

  • 1x Capsule YC119 Capsuleer Day Skin
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 1x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Sodium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework

The items above will be redeemable until the night of May 23rd. As long as you log in and collect them before the end date, it’s yours. With regard to the game, I think all of us can safely assume it will be around for a long time more.

Over the years, EVE has provided us with some of the best sandbox stories. In a game where player run corporations reflect the world we live in today, betrayal is king. Remember that one time a player rebelled against his corp and stole over one trillion ISK? Because of how the game’s sandbox freedom works, these things are what make the game magical. And we want more.

The developers also have some words for all players:

Today, on the 14th Anniversary of EVE Online, we give our most sincere thanks to the intrepid pilots of New Eden, who form what is without a doubt the finest online gaming community in existence.

Your unswaying dedication and loyalty to the EVE Universe, and your continued support of the sprawling cosmos we’ve continued to build together over the last fourteen years inspires us more than ever to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can do together!

For more on the anniversary, click here.



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