Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.35 Content Guide: Liberate Bozja!

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.35 Content Guide: Liberate Bozja!

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FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Patch 5.35 has arrived, which continues the “Save the Queen” quest series—a multi-part adventure featuring a compelling story written by renowned game creator Yasumi Matsuno (FINAL FANTASY Tactics, FINAL FANTASY XII), who also penned the narrative for Stormblood’s™ wildly popular Return to Ivalice alliance raid series.

This next chapter in the questline introduces the Bozjan Southern Front, a new area for players to explore, where the Bozjan Resistance has begun Operation Eagle’s Nest in a bid to regain Alermuc Fortress from the Empire.

Additionally, coinciding with the release of Patch 5.35 is the debut of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Community Finder, a new tool to help players search for new friends through linkshells, PvP teams, or free companies to adventure with! The Community Finder page can be found here:

Further details on Patch 5.35 content may be found below:

  • Resistance Weapon Enhancement Quest Series “Save the Queen” Update – Adventurers can enhance powerful weapons obtained in the first chapter of this quest series by participating in a variety of in-game content, including the new Bozjan Southern Front.
  • New Large-Scale Battle Content: “Bozjan Southern Front” – Join a team of up to 72 players to assist the Bozjan Resistance in their mission to rout the IVth Imperial Legion. This new area includes both story-focused quests and additional challenges for players of all playstyles.

  • Addition of New Housing Wards – Three new housing wards, each with a corresponding subdivision, will be added to each residential district, bringing hundreds of new plots for players to purchase. Apartments will also be added to each of these wards and subdivisions.
  • New Game+ Updates – Players can now experience the A Realm Reborn main scenario questline—which has been streamlined as of Patch 5.3—while retaining their current character and level.
  • Crafter and Gatherer Content Update: “Skysteel Tools” – The latest update to this questline will allow Disciples of the Land and Hand to further upgrade their Skysteel Tools to aid in crafting and gathering.
  • New Items, Recipes, Mount, Minion, Emote, Hairstyle and more.

Full Patch 5.35 notes can be found here:

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