Forge Your Legend Update Arrives On Dauntless

Forge Your Legend Update Arrives On Dauntless

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Forge Your Legend Update Arrives On Dauntless

Monster hunting game Dauntless just got its first major update this week called Forge Your Legend. The new update brings some new content and improvements to the game.

For starters, there’s a brand new introductory player experience added. This patch introduces a new tutorial island experience and very soon we’ll present Slayers with a new cinematic introduction to the world of Dauntless. One can argue that it was much needed, as the game can be unforgiving to newbies.

In addition, Dauntless is also getting a Halloween type event, beginning today until November 7th. The Dark Harvest allows players to go on spooky hunts to gather unique items and seasonal Behemoth drops.

Elsewhere, its great to report that there will be brand new customization features for player characters. Expect to see new makeup, hairstyles and more. Last but not least, a heck of a lot more weapons and armor art has been added to the game. The update is definitely positive, and an indicator of what else is to come for the game. Another update is expected to arrive sometime in December. That update will add new weapons, classes and more Behemoths. For more information, check out the official page here.

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