Guild Wars 2: A Star To Guide Us (Episode 4) Will Arrive On September 18

Guild Wars 2: A Star To Guide Us (Episode 4) Will Arrive On September 18

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Guild Wars 2 today unveiled its teaser trailer for the episode 4 of its latest Living World Season. This latest episode-which is set to arrive on Tuesday, Sept. 18 and continues ArenaNet’s commitment to providing players with regular, free content-contains a host of new features, including:

  • A new map, the Jahai Bluffs, a treacherous landscape branded by Kralkatorrik
  • A new raid, “Mythwright Gambit”, in which players will enter the Mystic Forge and come face to face with the djinn Zommoros
  • A new upgradeable armor set
  • A personal character instance called Sun’s Refuge that takes place in a historic location from the original Guild Wars
  • The new legendary weapon Xiuquatl, a scepter that summons a familiar who will accompany the player in battle

Hot on the heels of the events of Episode 3, Elona can finally begin rebuilding now that Palawa Joko is gone for good. However, the Commander and the combined forces of Tyria have to grapple with the grave danger Kralkatorrik, who players worked tirelessly to save from Balthazar’s wrath, still poses to the world.

A Star To Guide Us will be free to access for players who already own Path of Fire. Players who do not have this latest expansion can get it by visiting:

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