Head Start For Funcom's Secret World Legends Goes Live Today

Head Start For Funcom’s Secret World Legends Goes Live Today

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Head Start For Funcom’s Secret World Legends Goes Live Today

Funcom’s The Secret World relaunch, the fully free to play Secret World Legends, will be opening its doors to players today. All players who have purchased a copy of The Secret World is eligible for the head start. Players who did not can experience this shared RPG game when it launches globally on June 26th. The game is also coming to Steam sometime in July.

Secret World Legends is an updated and new improved version of The Secret World, Funcom’s 2012 MMORPG. The latter’s declining player base and aging systems like combat is a large factor for the relaunch. According to the development team, it was either re-brand the game for a relaunch or lose the IP altogether.

While the quests, stories, characters and regions remain the same as they are in The Secret World, there are many changes in Secret World Legends. The first and probably the most important, is to the combat system. SWL uses a modern reticule system found in action MMOs, and they’ve reworked the weapons to provide a more user-friendly experience. Progression is also a lot more linear to cater to a wider range of audiences this time around.

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