Highly Anticipated ARPG MMOS of 2020

Highly Anticipated ARPG MMOS of 2020

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Hack and slash MMOs are always popular due to their isometric ARPG nature, and in 2020 there’s some good ones to look forward to.

1. Corepunk

With an art style that will appease many, its steampunk setting and clever features like a fog of war system, Corepunk is shaping up to be the next big MMORPG to hit the global market. The game let’s players pick Characters as classes, and the gameplay from the trailer previews look solid enough, with a little gore too which not many other MMORPGs out there tolerate. While the beta is apparently happening in 2020, we may have to wait a little longer for the full release.

2. Magic: Legends

Magic The Gathering fans and players are pretty excited about Magic: Legends. Why? It’s an MMO that will have a virtual world brought to life with authentic source material, classes and more that isn’t a card-game. Earlier this year we got the news that it isn’t technically a full scale MMORPG, but rather an Action RPG in the mold of Diablo with less skills and an RNG card type mechanic for battles, but that won’t stop fans of the IP from jumping into a beta later this year.

3. Mad World

Arguably the most unique MMO on the list is an indie title known as Mad World. Aesthetically, it’s a 2.5D world with fun, vibrant and colorful graphics. In Mad World, players are treated to a semi-sandbox MMORPG with both PvE and PvP available. There will also be huge guild battles and a pet taming system to boot, which sounds interesting for a game like this. While it has been silent for over a year, the developers are finally coming out with more information and hopefully we’ll see a release pretty soon.

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