Huge Scale 30V30 Combat Coming To World of Tanks

Huge Scale 30V30 Combat Coming To World of Tanks

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Huge Scale 30V30 Combat Coming To World of Tanks

World of Tanks players looking for a larger scale tank warfare will be excited to hear that it is coming. Huge 30v30 tank battles are currently hitting the public test realm. are accepting tester applications, but there isn’t information on a deadline just yet.

This is pretty significant for WoT, as it finally listened to years of player feedback. There’s nothing wrong with the current lineup of match modes. But when it comes to tank warfare, the larger the battles, the better.

The new game mode is called Frontline, and Wargaming has partnered with Bongfish to develop the core elements. The mode will feature three 5 player platoons on each side. The objectives seem to be an offense versus defense mode of some sort too.

As for vehicles, Frontline will be playable in Tier X and Tier VIII Light Tanks. This isn’t the final decision however, and is only just for the beta test. According to MMORPG, the battle map is going to be pretty darn vast. More than 9km2 will be explorable and is separated into nine different zones where combat can break out.

It will be really interesting to see how the offense versus defense mechanics will play out on this huge map. To apply as a Frontline tester, head on over to the official World of Tanks website.




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