Improved Features Coming To Fortnite's Battle Royale In A Month

Improved Features Coming To Fortnite’s Battle Royale In A Month

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Improved Features Coming To Fortnite’s Battle Royale In A Month

It’s turning out to be a pretty spectacular month for Fortnite. Its Battle Royale mode is winning lots of cookie points from both neutrals and of that other game, PUBG. To be fair, in the gaming world, the spoils can and probably should be shared.

With millions of players now soaking their teeth into Battle Royale, the developers are cranking out more updates to keep things going. In the next month or so, players can look forward to new features such as voice chat and spectating.

In addition, there will be improvements to loot density, controller support, UI functions and a heck of a lot more. Epic also has plans to add more data centers to improve ping. Can players complain? This is good stuff! Regarding timeline, here’s what epic has to say:

Our general planning horizon is around 4-6 weeks and we hope to accomplish a decent percentage of the aforementioned in that timeframe.”

When you start making that sort of money from that amount of notoriety, this is to be expected. Let’s just hope they keep their promise and roll these out soon. Here’s just a slight taste of the development road map:


  • Stats
  • Leaderboards
  • Cosmetics / loadout
  • Progression
  • Compendium / mission logs


  • Anti-cheat
  • Console performance, stability, and memory
  • Server performance and hitch optimizations
  • Reduction of initial download size and ongoing patch sizes
  • Level streaming to allow variation for cosmetics
  • Low end PC compatibility support / improvements

For the full list of stuff, check out the official post here.

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