Is StreamCraft Going To Beat Twitch As The New Darling Of Game Streaming Platforms?

Is StreamCraft Going To Beat Twitch As The New Darling Of Game Streaming Platforms?

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Today, StreamCraft is ready to unleash a brand-new way for gamers of all types to finally earn the living they deserve for the hard work they put in. From IGG, the world-renowned global games publisher, this innovative new streaming platform gives power to streamers who can not only earn a living, but also reward their viewers for their patronage.

The StreamCraft team is showcasing a number of enticing ways to get started earning a paycheck. Those who adopt the program early and help it to grow have the most chance to take home serious cash. Whether it’s through Props (our own virtual currency that converts to cash) or subscriber revenue, there are tons of ways for everyone to make streaming lucrative for themselves. The one we’re highlighting today is the Invitation Program, which rewards any streamer who refers their friends to sign up for StreamCraft.


We’re also hosting a special Invitation Program that gives everyone $1 per person they refer to sign up for StreamCraft! If you refer 1,000 people? That’s an extra $1,000 in your pocket! It’s like a Stimulus Package to get your streaming career rolling, StreamCraft is serious about becoming the best and most rewarding streaming platform in the business.

As an example: the creators who are able to obtain the title of Founder will get exclusive perks allowing them to keep 100% of their subscription revenue forever.

It’s also extremely easy to get started with StreamCraft. Simply download the mobile app or our PC content creation tool or even just use OBS! Create an account, and start sharing your games with fans all over the world.

If you’d like to talk with the StreamCraft team about their unique approach to content and playing fair with creators of all types, or about the innovative features this unique app contains, please contact us today and we’ll get you set up.


●     Industry leading partner rewards programs
●     Exclusive community giveaways
●     Cash prizes through proprietary game shows and events
●     Watch, interact, and stream from any device (PC, iOS, or Android).

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