Kay Update Arrives On Albion Online December 6th

Kay Update Arrives On Albion Online December 6th

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Kay Update Arrives On Albion Online December 6th

Albion Online will release its Kay update next week on December 6th. The Kay update focuses on additional content for guilds and lots of performance improvements. Large-scale fights are on of the things that will get better. Check below for some of the new features coming to Albion Online with this update.


Holding a territory now gives you more than just a base to operate from. In these territories, Mages will siphon energy for you over time when they are alive. This siphoned energy can be used to turn into powerful rewards and establish a ranking of all guilds. While generating siphoned energy, you also gain score. At the end of a season, the guild with the highest score will be crowned as winner for this season and displayed appropriately. All guilds will be ranked in brackets, according to their performance.


You can now raid the territories of other guilds. Defeat their mages and secure some of the siphoned energy for yourself. This allows for more open and more constant PvP and GvG opportunities for entire guilds – not only for a guild’s main 5v5 team!


Significant time and resources have been invested into increasing the game clients performance, particularly in large-scale battles. From spell-effect overhauls to code improvements, from less resource-intensive models to more efficient textures. We’ve managed to squeeze out a fair chunk of fps in those fights.


To improve the easing of new players, we have overhauled and extended our tutorial. New arrivals in Albion will find a more easily accessible layout of the start areas and will be given more information on where to go and what to do in Albion.


“A Fistful of Silver” is a new T6 Group Expedition. A group of heretic bandits is notorious for terrorizing small farms and even Royal caravans in the Steppe. Now they are even threatening to rob a small town bank. You must put an end to them!
In addition to all these, there’s also hardcore expeditions, and evacuation feature, a political world map, new artifact weapon tiers and more. There’s just so much good stuff coming to the game that you’ll want to check em out for yourselves. For the full list of goodies, see the official post here.

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