LOTRO's Mordor Expansion Delayed

LOTRO’s Mordor Expansion Delayed

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LOTRO’s Mordor Expansion Delayed

LOTRO will be delaying the Mordor expansion that was supposed to be going live today, 31st July. Standing Stone Games found a bug over the weekend involving landscape mobs and announced the decision in an official forum post.

“We are as excited as many of you to get into Mordor, but we have some unfortunate news: we have to adjust the release date. While preparing over the weekend to release the expansion on Monday, we discovered an issue in the build that impacted the ability of monsters and NPCs to move around correctly. This problem was specifically identified in older content.

While correcting this issue is not a problem, the process to correct it takes too long to be able to release Mordor on Monday. So, we have to adjust the release date. We will have more info on the release date soon. We will know a lot more in the next 24 hours or so, and will pass along the info as soon as we can. ” – Severlin, Executive Producer

While many players are okay with this news, others are understandably not too happy. On the preorder landing page for the expansion in the store, there is a tiny disclaimer written at the bottom. The note states that there is a possibility of receiving the preorder items late. No latter than August 31st in the event of a delay. It seems as if SSG were preparing for a delay, and knew all too well that the expansion isn’t ready.

This thread on the official forums by players are discussing the delay. Many are happy for SSG to take their time and polish the LOTRO expansion. Others meanwhile, are saying that this is “super unprofessional”, to be announcing the delay 24 hours prior to release.


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