Mount Developer Diary Sheds More Light On What To Expect In Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

Mount Developer Diary Sheds More Light On What To Expect In Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

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Mount Developer Diary Sheds More Light On What To Expect In Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

The Path of Fire expansion arrives less than a month away and Guild Wars 2 is offering players a closer look at mounts. In the latest developer diary, the mounts team goes into detail, explaining a good deal about the system.

One of the major factors in its conception was how successful Gliding turned out to be. Gliding in the Heart of Thorns expansion gave players an incredibly amount of freedom. ArenaNet were able to take that and build content around Gliding, such as puzzles and meta events. Having it gated behind the mastery system also gave players that sense of progression.  That is a common complaint about the game – it felt like there was none.

With that in mind, Mounts seems to be the logical next step. The dev team goes on to say that mounts will move and navigate incredibly well, as the joy of movement is a top priority. Come September 22nd, there will four mounts for players to obtain, each with special abilities and unique movement:

The Mounts

  • The vicious raptor leaps swiftly across great distances, making them useful for crossing large canyons. By holding down the hotkey, a leap will continue to its maximum distance. You can also release the hotkey early to drop out of the leap, which consumes less endurance.
  • The cute springer has an unrivaled ability to jump straight up into the sky. You can use it to jump over cliffs, walls, and other hard-to-reach locations. Hold down the hotkey to charge the jump; the longer you charge, the farther up you’ll go.
  • The floating skimmer hovers over water, terrain, and small obstacles. Its movement ability lifts it significantly higher, so it can cross dangerous areas, reach ledges, and avoid attacks. You can hold down the hotkey to remain in the lifted state as long as you have sufficient endurance.
  • The mysterious jackal is made of sand and can store up to three charges of a quick movement-speed blink, which dissipates its body and allows it to reappear a short distance ahead. It can also use special sand portals throughout the desert. You’ll maintain your momentum as you blink through the portals, creating interesting combinations for puzzles in the Crystal Desert.

For more information on Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion and mounts, check out the dev diary here.

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