MU Legend Open Beta Testing Arrives November 7th

MU Legend Open Beta Testing Arrives November 7th

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MU Legend Open Beta Testing Arrives November 7th

If you’ve been following MU Legend closely, it’s time to rejoice. Webzen and MU Legends will be hosting the first open beta for the Korean MMORPG tomorrow, November 7th.

The latest version of the MU Legend client is already available for download on the official website. Players that participated in the last few stress tests will have a patch available when the servers open tomorrow. Timings will be based in UTC.

In addition, once the OBT starts in earnest, you will be pleased to know that there will not be any server wipes. Therefore, players can enjoy all progress and achievements made in the open beta, which carries on into the live game at launch. That’s a surprise move, and not many MMOs decide against wiping progress from beta to live. As they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth, so grind away we say.

If there are players out there who has not signed up for the OBT, you can do so at the the official page here. That’s where you’ll find the client for download as well. MU Legend will open the doors into a fantastic world, long before the events of MU Online. As previously introduced, players will have four classic MU-franchise classes to choose from and embark on their epic journeys.

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