New Final Fantasy XIV expansion to be released in June

New Final Fantasy XIV expansion to be released in June

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New Final Fantasy XIV expansion to be released in June:

Square Enix announced the second expansion pack for their MMORPG last year at the 2016 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival; the new expansion has been titled ‘ Stormblood’ and has been confirmed for release in North America, Europe and Japan on June 20th.

During the 2016 Fan Festival, the producer and director of the game, Naoki Yoshida, released a large number of new details about what players can expect to see later this year.

One of the biggest changes will be the addition of a new job, the Red Mage is a ranged magic DPS role which also allows players to wield a rapier for melee combat; the Red Mage has been confirmed to have a special innate ability that allows them to connect multiple skills and follow them up with melee attacks.

In addition to the new job class, a new raid has also been confirmed; The Bend of Time – Omega will be a high-level raid and will feature a brand new story line which will be revealed as players progress through the raid. Details for this raid are very limited right now and more information should be released as the release date approaches. In addition to the high-level raid, another Alliance raid will be coming to the game however, very little information has been released so far.

Players also have a new Beast Tribe to look forwards to with this content update; the Ananta is a female beast tribe which lives in the mountains. The group are revered for their incredible abilities in magic and gemcraft. Current information suggests that they will play an important role in the new story which will be added to the game with the Stormblood expansion.

Stormblood will soon be available for pre-order; excited Final Fantasy XIV fans can pre-order the game from January 24th and more details will be released at the European Fan Festival in February.

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