No Crowd Funding Needed For Wild West Online

No Crowd Funding Needed For Wild West Online

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No Crowd Funding Needed For Wild West Online

Newly revealed MMORPG Wild West Online is not going to run a Kickstarter or Early Access campaign. According to their official website, the game has already secured sufficient funds to bypass crowd funding.

Due to the initial hype, the WWO website received over 200k hits which helped the team secure new funding. Therefore, all the draft Kickstarter stretch goals will ship when the game launches. More interestingly, the game is indeed going to be released in full later this year.

It’s not often that an MMO has the luxury to bypass fan funding. But in this case, it’s positive to see that there is a demand for a cowboy/western MMO.

Here’s a snippet from the official website:

Wild West Online is an open-world action-based, online multiplayer game in which players are free to explore and interact within a thrilling Wild West setting. Based on their decisions and actions, players can become a lawman, an outlaw or a pioneer exploring the Western Frontier. The game features a bevy of content, including world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE game missions, treasure hunts and much more.

Personally, I like the premise of the game and will be looking forward to the beta test stages.



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