Psychological MMO Destiny's Sword Hits Kickstarter Goal

Psychological MMO Destiny’s Sword Hits Kickstarter Goal

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Destiny’s Sword – an MMO that fuses strategy gameplay with the effects of psychological warfare on people, has successfully wrapped up its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign this week. The next stop for the team is a journey to PAX West where fans will be able to check out a playable demo. Everyone is invited to stop by the Destiny’s Swordbooth to say hi to the team and try out a vertical slice of the groundbreaking MMORPG for themselves. Media will also have an opportunity to preview and write about the multiplayer experience.

Down the line, there will be other opportunities to peek behind the curtain as Destiny’s Sword works its way to beta testing and beyond. Fans can keep their eye on the site for their chance to participate in one of the most ambitious, first-of-its-kind, genre-bending MMORPGs that comes complete with a backstory penned by prolific sci-fi author M.D. Cooper.

Destiny’s Sword is unlike any other MMO with its emphasis on robust features in addition to innovative social gameplay and management of character’s psychology and mental health. Players can expect to find a persistent PvP faction war, a fully-featured guild system, cooperative gameplay elements, boss battles, and a quest-like system. At the core of this experience is the proprietary Insight Engine that provides a psychological simulation of all in-game characters (up to 80 emotions) and gives each player a unique personality, backstory and life story.

Destiny’s Sword will launch testing opportunities for PC via Steam in early 2020. Interested players can wishlist the title HERE.


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