Rogue Company: Learn More About Umbra, Battle Zone and Winter Brash Right Here

Rogue Company: Learn More About Umbra, Battle Zone and Winter Brash Right Here

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Hi-Rez’s free-to-play shooter Rogue Company has released its latest major update named after Umbra, the 23rd playable Rogue and sixth one in 2021. All the new content is available now on all major platforms.

New Character: Umbra

Umbra was revealed earlier in this cinematic trailer – Rogue Company – Cinematic Teaser | Umbra Just like all Rogues, he can be unlocked for free just by playing Rogue Company matches.

Umbra was left for dead after a mission went sideways. Thanks to numerous cybernetic implants he was reborn, more zealous and committed than before. He may still be half human, yet everything about him conveys the feeling of a killing machine.

“We’re expanding our roster with our first key character from the Jackal Organization, Umbra,” says Will Fitzgerald, Senior Game Designer behind the new Rogue. “He is our latest Duelist bringing a high risk, high reward playstyle. The terrifying sound effects of Umbra’s ability, which releases his remote control spider ‘a-RC-nid’, are among my favorite elements of his design. Keep an eye and an ear out for both Umbra and his lethal drone!”

New Mode: Battle Zone

The new Limited-Time Mode ‘Battle Zone’ takes Rogue Company’s 4v4 action-tactical gameplay and brings a fresh feel to it with a twist inspired by your favorite Battle Royale. Drop in, loot your weapon, and be the last team standing as the fog closes in.

In this mode based on community requests, players don’t purchase weapons, they find them instead inside special crates on the battlefield. Weapon power scales up as the match advances and passive health regeneration has been removed, so every hit always counts.

A unique take on round-based area combat, Battle Zone is now live in Rogue Company and free for all players to enjoy.

Holiday Event: Winter Bash

Calling all Rogues on a new mission! Code name: Winter Bash. This seasonal in-game event gives contracts for all players to fulfill in-game, and free cosmetics as rewards. 

Two Exclusive bundles are also available, each containing weapon wraps, wingsuits, and a Holiday-themed outfit: Snow Patrol Scorch and Mistletoe Vy. Purchasing both grants a third one as a gift, unlocking high-end cosmetics for free including the Doctor Frosty Saint outfit.

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