Conan Exiles Player Exploits May Force Funcom To Wipe Official Servers

Conan Exiles Player Exploits May Force Funcom To Wipe Official Servers

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Conan Exiles Player Exploits May Force Funcom To Wipe Official Servers

This is why we cannot have nice things, and over in Conan Exiles, things could get messy. Recent posts on Reddit have exposed players using duping exploits in the game.

Whether or not this has been happening since launch is unclear, but there is a serious exploit on the official servers. According to this post, the proof is in the recording. Certain players have been hoarding tons of True Names and high-end materials. It’s almost impossible to rack up that amount of stuff in such a short time.

As a result, Funcom are now contemplating their next course of action. Majority of players on affected servers are calling for full server wipes.


While nothing is decided at the moment, there are a couple of viable options. The first, is to obviously take action against players that are actively exploiting. The second, is also the most obvious one. I say just wipe the official servers, in the event that a roll-back still would not fix the issue.

In that scenario, Funcom should not have to think twice. Players need to remember that Conan Exiles is after all, and Early Access game. I would also rather see Funcom cut the poison from the stem as early as possible.

However, such stern action will have dire consequences of the player base. I was there when ARK: Survival Evolved had to do something similar. There were both roll-backs to earlier periods, and when that didn’t work, full server wipes ensued.

Players especially those who feel they are unaffected by exploits will obviously prefer to keep their characters. A forced wipe could just force many to quit. It’s definitely a tricky situation for Funcom.





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