Strategy MMO Conqueror's Blade Open Beta Available Now

Strategy MMO Conqueror’s Blade Open Beta Available Now

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Medieval free-to-play tactical MMO, Conqueror’s Blade will release in open beta allowing all aspiring warlords to stake their claims to its open world for free. Starting today, players can register on and take their first steps in creating their empire’s epic saga. A vast untamed medieval landscape awaits, as players create their own unique warlords from 10 diverse classes and head out to remold it in their image. Along the way, they will need to raise a powerful army, out-think their opponents during the territory wars and climb to the leaderboards if they hope to grow their lone campaign into a legacy.

Conqueror’s Blade Features:

Master the Battlefield: Unleash devastating weapons and massive armies in epic 15 vs. 15 online siege battles. Issue orders to your soldiers in real-time, using clever tactics and sheer force to overwhelm your enemy and claim victory.

Create Your Warlord: Customize your conqueror and specialize them in 10 powerful weapons classes, each with unique special abilities, combat styles, strengths and weaknesses. Mount up, draw your weapon, and command your army from the eye of the storm.

Open World Strategy: Spread your influence and power across the full extent of your vast new domain. Discover more of the world, gather resources and initiate trade to build and develop your castle, raise your army, and turn this land into your empire.

Player-Driven Ecosystem: Be part of a huge community of warlords around the world. Forge alliances by forming or joining Houses, battle to secure territory and spoils, and work together to change and reshape the world around you.

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