Succession Skills For Tamers and Valkyries Goes Live On Black Desert

Succession Skills For Tamers and Valkyries Goes Live On Black Desert

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Black Desert Mobile may be getting all the headlines at the moment, but don’t forget the PC version has updates too! Following last week’s update for Warriors and Rangers, another Succession update for Valkyries and Tamers has gone live this week in Black Desert SEA. A new leveling option is now available for Adventurers playing these classes. Various in-game events celebrating the holiday season are also available.

With the new Succession update, Adventurers can further level up their Valkyries and Tamers by acquiring “Vow” and “Power of the Beast”, which will allow them to learn Succession skills for their respective classes. Classes that have chosen to undergo Succession gain powerful new skills by strengthening their main weapons. Adventurers can unlock these skills at level 56 by completing a series of Black Spirit quests. A special reward event running until January 1 is also taking place to commemorate the Succession update. Those who reach levels between 56 and 60 will get special rewards including 3 Extra Combat EXP Scrolls and 5 Gold Bars 100g, depending on the level they reach.

Starting this week until December 17, Adventurers can begin completing the “You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry!” quest by talking to NPCs in major cities including Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, and Valencia. Then, they can complete the “Grandpa Cron Knows It All!” quest and hang Cron Tree Decorations on the Cron Tree. As more Adventurers decorate the Christmas tree, a star ornament will appear on top as a sign of completion. Completing the two quests will grant Adventurers a Grandpa Cron’s Gift, which is composed of various exclusive items such as Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Boxes and Liverto Weapon Bundles. In addition, Adventurers can complete a special quest where they can build a Snowman and get Lara’s Hot Black Tea for successfully targeting the Snowman NPC using a Snowball Cannon.

A special guild event is also taking place in Black Desert SEA. Those who complete guild quests by December 24 will be able to acquire Afuaru’s Maps by destroying Afuaru’s Treasure Chests. Afuaru’s Maps are used to receive various rewards such as Urugon’s Shoes and Dandelion Weapon Boxes. Moreover, Adventurers can participate in the dice rolling event where they will get Black Crystals of Concentrated Magical Power and Black Spirit’s Claw Pieces for rolling the dice in Black Spirit’s Adventure.

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