Survival MMO Population Zero Details How Characters Will Evolve In Game

Survival MMO Population Zero Details How Characters Will Evolve In Game

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Upcoming survival MMO Population Zero’s players will have an interesting journey when it comes to character progression. It will be nearly impossible to survive on the alien planet without exploring the world and obtaining new knowledge and skills. Developers of Population Zero has shared some insight about how this system will work below.
Character evolution can be divided into some basic major systems:

  • World exploration
  • Technology and science
  • Perks
  • Factions and related fundamental character modifications

World exploration will grant you more information about unique objects and events of your new home. You will struggle to navigate on the planet and interacting with Kepler’s ecosystems without expanding your base and increasing knowledge.

Acquired knowledge is distributed along the science atlas and converted into various skills and tools, that allows you to withstand the world’s threats more efficiently.

Perks that you are able to obtain depend on your activity. That allows you to specialize in particular areas. For example, if you constantly chop wood you will get perks «More wood» and «Axe wear depreciation reduction» (titles are not final). While if you concentrate on kvar hunting, you will be able to receive other perks, allowing you to collect valuable resources more frequently or learn more about the animal’s weakness.

The same mechanic is applicable to PVP-perks. Evolving your character with a view to increasing output damage and new combat skills obtaining will give you a certain advantage in PVP fights.

It’s important to mention that you will be able to get absolutely new combat skill which you cannot obtain any other way. It is a great opportunity to surprise your enemy!

Though we seek an individual player skill to be crucial in the battles with other players, not the evolution level of the character. The overall power, «coolness» of your character would depend on 30% of your perks and 70% of your equipment (weapon, armor, consumables, increasing stats and etc.)



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