SWTOR Delays Onslaught Expansion Launch To October 22nd

SWTOR Delays Onslaught Expansion Launch To October 22nd

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In an official website announcement made today, BioWare has stated that SWTOR’s upcoming Onslaught expansion will be delayed. Onslaught will be Star Wars: The Old Republic’s third expansion since launch, and will feature all new content including a new playable race, a new operation, planets and gear progression system. The original launch date was scheduled to happen in September 2019. However, Keith Kanneg, Senior Producer at SWTOR has revealed that since the expansion began testing on the Private Test Server in late June, more time was needed.

“The feedback from our Public Test Server (PTS), along with the data from our internal play tests showed us we need more time. We haven’t released all the changes to PTS, and we want time to make adjustments based on your insight. It was a difficult decision but with our commitment to delivering you a quality experience, we’ve decided to push the release date for our new expansion to October 22, 2019.”

Additionally, players currently testing Onslaught on the PTS will see sweeping changes to current content on there soon. This includes being able to check out the new operation plus the gear progression systems like gear sets, tacticals and amplifiers. Furthermore, the Nautolan subscriber reward was previously announced to be given to any player who is a subscriber on launch day. As a special thank you, BioWare have decided to give the Nautolan species to everyone who is a subscriber anytime between September 1, 2019 and October 22, 2019.

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