Tera: The Broken Prison update is now live

Tera: The Broken Prison update is now live

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Tera: The Broken Prison update is now live:

The latest update for Tera has just been released and fans of the popular MMORPG can now explore a new dungeon; The Broken Prison sends players to investigate some mysterious activity which is happening at a prison under the Oblivion Woods. Like many other prisons in the world of Tera, this one holds Gods which have committed terrible crimes against both mortals and their fellow Gods. This particular prison is holding Lakan captive for his terrible crimes and recent activities suggest that something is attempting to break into the prison in order to free him.

Players must work together to solve the mystery and ensure that Lakan remains in the prison; the Terra developers recommend that players work together in teams of five or more to defeat this difficult dungeon. All players who are level 65 and above can participate in the fight to protect the prison however, players can only enter it once per day.

Three bosses have been confirmed for this dungeon and there’s a nice variety of loot for players who are able to defeat them. Details on these new bosses are very limited right now and players will need to discover them by fighting through the new dungeon.

While the main focus of this update is certainly the new Broken Prison dungeon, a variety of other changes have also been made to the game. Improvements have been made to the questing system for players who have reached level 65 so that players no longer automatically gain certain early level zone quests.

The PvP systems has been tweaked slightly so that the Kumas Royale has now been split into two battlegrounds; players who are between level 20 and 64 will be pleased to know that they will now be fighting in a separate area to the level 65 players.

The full patch notes are available on the official Tera website and includes several other minor modifications to the game.

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