The Top MMORPG Highlights You Shouldn't Miss This Week

The Top MMORPG Highlights You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

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If you’re tracking all the latest in MMORPGs this September, you’ll know it’s going to be a busy month ahead. With plenty of games launching, scheduling beta tests and dropping content, it can be hard to track – and much of that is already happening. Worry not, here’s the top MMORPG highlights happening this very week.

Astellia Name Reservations and Download Is Live

Korean MMORPG Astellia is ready to rock and roll. Launching on the 27th this month, Legendary Founders Pack owners can already begin reserving character names. The Legendary Pack costs $99.99 and there’s only a week or so left to grab one before it goes away entirely. But, if you have yet to download the new game client and to install the game, you can do so here. Astellia will allow you to reserve a total of one character name before the the first headstart on the 20th. However, you can still play around with the character creator and save as many customization templates into the beauty album as you wish.

Caravan Stories Launches in NA Later Today

For PlayStation 4 users in North America, a brand new MMORPG comes your way later today. Caravan Stories is a popular Japanese JRPG that doubles up as an MMO. In the world of Iyarr, you can play as one of the charming races available and adventure through the land while recruiting a vast amount of beasts and heroes as companions. They will make up the bulk of your party for the game’s real time party-based combat, which takes place on the landscape, in dungeons and in raids. There’s PvP duels, a guild system and a co-op mode as well, making the online experience with friends more enjoyable. Caravan Stories can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and the file size is around 13 gigs. It’s free to play and has optional micro-transactions. No PS+ is required.

Eternal Magic Enters CBT Week 2

Upcoming theme park MMORPG Eternal Magic launched its CBT last week, and is now entering week 2. All players with early access packs can jump in and level up to the soft cap of 50. All content including dungeons, world bosses and random battlegrounds are unlocked for both NA and EU servers. Additionally, CBT players will get a daily allowance of the Elirs in-game premium currency to spend on cosmetic and boosts. Needless to say, all of this and progress overall will be wiped after CBT in preparation for an open beta. The CBT will end on September 15th.

Final Fantasy XIV Releases More Tales from the Shadows

Final Fantasy XIV players are still euphoric and rightly so, from the recently released Shadowbringers expansion. Toward the end of August, Square Enix began publishing a series of short stories called Tales from the Shadows. These shorts follows a perspective from certain main characters in the Shadowbringers saga. With obvious spoilers contained within, they offer plenty of insight into the mind-set of key characters leading up to the major plots in the expansion. To-date, two stories out of four are already available and this week we got the third. Read it here.

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