Three MMORPGs To Be Excited For In 2020

Three MMORPGs To Be Excited For In 2020

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Don’t miss out on all the content coming out for these MMORPGs in addition to some exciting new titles that we’ll get to play sometime in 2020. Here’s what we’re excited for!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Scandals or no, Blizzard rolls on with World of Warcraft, having just emerged mostly successful from 2019 with a host of major patch updates for its Battle for Azeroth expansion, in addition to the launch of WoW Classic, which millions of players dived into and continue to do so to-date. In 2020, players can look forward to the next expansion titled Shadowlands. We are anticipating this one eagerly for a bunch of reasons, the most obvious one – for anyone who watched the cinematic trailer – being the massive gameplay changes coming to World of Warcraft. With Shadowlands, a new level squish goes into affect where Death Knights and Demon Hunters start at level 1, and players will get to choose which expansion they prefer to quest in as they make their way leveling through the game. The new zones and introduction of Covenants will also change the dynamic of the game, giving players new and varied choices to select when it comes to expansion progression. We’ll break down Shadowlands in-depth as we get closer to launch, but it’s definitely got us hyped.

Crimson Desert

Pearl Abyss shocked many at last year’s G-STAR convention where they announced a total of 4 new MMORPGS coming in 2020. One of them is Crimson Desert; another open-world sandpark MMORPG with gorgeous graphics and action-based combat, but despite having desert in its name, it shares no relevance to the studio’s flagship MMORPG, Black Desert Online. We’re excited for Crimson Desert because its project head, Jason Jung, has promised some major things that players have never seen before from Pearl Abyss. Firstly, the game will be primarily story focused. From the teaser trailer, the story cinematics look amazing and narratively follows a mercenary leader and his gang as they learn more about the world they’ve set foot upon. It’s also visually influenced by Game of Thrones for some reason, but that’s not a bad thing as we could all do with a break from the typical Asian MMO fantasy setting. While details about the game’s payment model and exact content offering are scarce this early into the New Year, it has been confirmed that an open beta will take place in 2020 and we cannot wait.


Humble Bundle’s rare foray into the world of publishing is set to give us a brand new MMORPG called Temtem which launches on Steam Early Access this month. If you’re hearing about it for the first time, Temtem is a monster collecting MMO, and the closest thing it compares to is Pokemon. So yes, if you’ve always wanted an open-world Pokemon style MMORPG where you and your friends can co-op, catch monsters, do battle with others or with NPCs, go on main campaign quests, enjoy a housing system and more, then this is absolutely the game for you. Its roster of monsters will obviously resemble nothing close to the original Pokemon, but we’ve seen enough to be convinced that Temtem will offer its own unique take on the genre.

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