Uncharted Waters Online's Latest Expansion Is Playable Right Now

Uncharted Waters Online’s Latest Expansion Is Playable Right Now

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Uncharted Waters Online’s Latest Expansion Is Playable Right Now

Embark on a new seafaring adventure in the classic Free-to-Play MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online in the first chapter of the latest expansion, Order of the Prince! This expansion offers hours of new content and overhauls several core systems for easier access by new players.

Players entirely new to Uncharted Waters Online, or those starting fresh characters, can now travel to a new Training School in the town of Sagres, a location featuring helpful tutorials and access to special activities that allow faster progression through the game’s early levels. New players can also enjoy reduced Shipbuilding Level requirements, granting access to the comprehensive Shipbuilding and modification systems as low as Skill Rank 1.

There is plenty in store for experienced players in Chapter 1 of Order of the Prince as well. ‘Post-limit Shipbuilding’ is now available, allowing for additional Ship Improvements to be added to Ships beyond previous limitations. Furthermore, PvP battle restrictions have been scaled back (for a trial period), promising to make the high seas far more dynamic and dangerous. A new PvP mode is also available, the Epic Pirate Feud, pitting pirate factions against one another in a deadly battle on the open seas.

Check out all these additions including new Quests, Character Stories, Equipment, and more in Chapter 1 of the Order of the Prince expansion.





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