World of Warships 0.6.0 update released

World of Warships 0.6.0 update released

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Wargaming has just released a massive update for World of Warships. The 0.6.0 update contains a large number of new features and modifications for the game. It’s not all good news however, a minor bug did make it’s way into the release version of the update. The developers already know about the issue and are currently working to resolve it.

A large number of features have been added to the game in this update but here are the biggest changes. The full patch notes are available on the official website here.

World of Warships Elite XP

Elite XP is a new type of in-game currency which is earned by collecting the maximum level of XP. Players need to max out their XP by earning 19 Skill Points before they can begin earning Elite XP.

According to the patch notes, players can spend this currency on getting access to more skills, resetting their current skills and is can be converted into Doubloons.

The patch notes explained this new mechanic in a lot of detail so anyone interested in this can learn more there.


New Commander Skills

The skill system has been tweaked slightly so that the top Skill level is Level 4. Skills are now split into four groups and all Commander Skills have been reset for free so that players can explore the new skills.

In addition to the skill system revamp, the progression of Commander leveling has been modified also to allow the use of extra XP. To help players get used to these changes, the cost of resetting skills is being discounted for a short time.


Commander XP Scale

Accompanying the other changes is a modification to the Commander XP Scale. Players now need less XP to reach higher ranks in the game however, lower levels will require more XP. This change has been made so that players can progress through the levels faster.

Full details on this are available on the official website.

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