World of Warships: Legends Hits 1 Million Players Since Early Access

World of Warships: Legends Hits 1 Million Players Since Early Access

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World of Warships: Legends entered its console early access phase a little over a month ago (April 16th), and the Wargaming Saint Petersburg development team behind this effort is proud to announce that they have already reached a one million global players milestone! Built from the ground up to take advantage of console features and gameplay styles, World of Warships: Legends is well on its way to take the massively multiplayer naval combat crown on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! To celebrate this prestigious milestone the team behind World of Warships: Legendsis launching the first of many upcoming in-game additions by offering the all-new Atlanta Campaign, the upcoming Free Pack, and new Starter Packs!

 In the Atlanta Campaign, which sets sail on May 20, players can dive into a large variety of tasks and missions, which will keep them busy at sea! Those who are brave enough to take on the Atlanta Campaign will have many opportunities to promote their commanders, and, by completing the campaign, earn the tier VI Premium cruiser, the USS Atlanta. Players can also earn plenty of resources to contribute to their overall game progress (boosters, camouflage, and premium time) by completing each campaign trial and unlocking in-game rewards. In addition to the all-new campaign, World of Warships: Legends introduces a Free Pack and two Starter Packs later this month. These three new bundle packs come stocked with tons of content to speed players to victory! Included in some of the packs are: the American battleship USS Texas, the British destroyer HMSCampbeltown, and hero commander Willis Lee. Boosters, credits, doubloons, premium account time, and extra camouflage will also be included in these Starter Packs to help commanders cruise their way to victory!

In addition, there will be a variety of new premium ships introduced to Legends this month for purchase. The British battleship HMS Warspite, the American battleship USS Arizona, and the Japanese destroyer Kamikaze will all become available in-game and will get to show their most fearsome stuff against their foes this month.

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