Airmech (2012) Review

Airmech (2012) Review

In Real Time Strategy

AAirMech is a science fiction based action RTS game set in the future where the final days of the Great War are playing out; it’s a multiplayer only game where players battle in PvP or fight alongside each other against the AI. Players can customize their units and have a wide range of robots to select from to control in combat.

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Airmech Features

Different Game modes – Play various PvP modes and fight alongside other players against the AI
Customization – Create a truly unique army by customizing units, items and pilots
Action RTS with MOBA elements – Take part in highly strategic battles with a MOBA twist
Transforming robots – Control a customizable airship that transforms into a mech for combat

Lots of customization options
Highly strategic combat
Various game modes
Competitive PvP

Has been in beta for over 2 years
Pay to win elements
Balance issues
Long wait times for matches

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