Ashes of Creation Launches Its Pre-Order Program

Ashes of Creation Launches Its Pre-Order Program

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Ashes of Creation Launches Its Pre-Order Program

Ashes of Creation is now officially accepting pre-orders via its brand new storefront. Pre-Order Packs start with access to Beta 2, and go up to Alpha 1. The higher tiers come with access to both Alpha and Beta test phases, as well as a generous amount of gametime and exclusive cosmetic items..

Each month, the pre-order packs will contain new cosmetic items. When you first purchase a pre-order pack, you’ll get that month’s cosmetic items. Players can purchase cosmetics within the next months’ packs as add-ons, but once a month passes those cosmetics will no longer be available. The earlier you buy-in, the more chances for cosmetic items you’ll have. In addition, Kickstarter backers and Summer pledge driver backers will be able to purchase cosmetics as add-ons without having to purchase a pre-order pack.

“We’re nearing the most exciting time of Ashes of Creation’s development. With the Alpha Zero test right around the corner, and more Alphas and Betas planned throughout 2018,” said Creative Director Steven Sharif. “We’re well on the way towards launching the revolutionary MMORPG of our dreams, and we could not do it without an unbelievably amazing community supporting us”

When it launches, Ashes of Creation will cost the mere price of a monthly subscription to play. No additional purchase of the game client will be necessary. These pre-order packs are a way to get early access to the game, special exclusive cosmetic items, and bonus game time for those who are most dedicated to Intrepid Studios’ vision for the world of Verra.

On a final note, these packs are limited, therefore if you want to buy into the alpha and beta, don’t wait. The cheapest pre order pack goes for $75.




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