China Bans Korean Gaming Companies After Latest Controversy

China Bans Korean Gaming Companies After Latest Controversy

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China Bans Korean Gaming Companies After Latest Controversy.

When Politics interfere with the virtual world it’s always interesting. The New regime in the United States has already shown signs of aggression towards China. They have placed US missile system on South Korean turf. China sees this event as a controversy and wants to retaliate. We don’t expect a world war between two of the biggest empires, US and China. However, China wants to punish South Korea for assisting the states. In a new warrant, China bans Korean gaming companies from publishing their games in China. Furthermore, Chinese gaming companies can’t publish their games in South Korea.

The bureaucracy behind the procedure is quite easy. Every game has to pass China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT). However, China aren’t giving more licenses for South Korean gaming companies. Hence, Nexon, the Korean Gaming giant has lost already 9% of it’s value. It happened because they rely heavily on the Chinese market with several of their games. Lineage 2 for mobile by NetMarble was a huge success in it’s lunch in Korea, making over 156 million dollars in the first month, but not anymore.

I find this a sad example of regimes that take advantage of their people. In my opinion, a regime should emphasize on improving the lives of the citizens. People don’t care about politics, especially children who just want to have fun and play games. I don’t think that a D&D player really cares about US missile systems. Furthermore, the economy depends on the online gaming industry, Hurting companies profits will damage the workers. The global market isn’t free if governments interfere like that in business.

China has already banned K-Pop from it’s soil and banning Korean gaming companies is another step of deterioration between the countries. I hope that the crisis will be solved and that Chinese players will be able to play Korean Games and vice versa

What do you think? how will this crisis end?


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