Closers Welcomes New Cast Member Seth

Closers Welcomes New Cast Member Seth

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Anime action-RPG Closers by En Masse Entertainment has a new cast member this month, Seth. Seth is a melee brawler called Anna, that’s been imbued with the power of Sekhment.

Additional information about Seth can be found below:

  • She is capped at level 83.
  • Restricted to Class Level – Regular Agent with access to:
    • All of Season 1
    • All of Season 2
    • All of Planar Gate
    • All of Dimensional Ops Center
    • All of Nightmare World
    • All of Tiamat’s Abyss
    • Fantasy World: Dream Theater
    • Purification Ops Center – Purification Part 1 and limited to manual contamination hell entry only.

As usual, Closers will be having several in-game events tied to the release of Seth. What they are and when they happen can be found below:

Seth Leveling Event

  • Players who reach level 67 by 10:00 p.m. PDT on September 23 with a Seth character will be awarded 500 EMP.

Seth Leveling Rewards

  • From September 10 until October 8, leveling Seth comes with bonus support rewards.
  • After completing the tutorial, Seth receives special leveling supplies until she reaches level 85. (This applies to only one Seth character per account.)
    • Although currently Seth can only level up to 83, her level 85 box will become available with the Special Agent update when her level cap is increased to 85.

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