Rend Reveals Class System

Rend Reveals Class System

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Rend Reveals Class System

Last month we were excited to hear about Rend. The open world survival game with action mechanics looks to add something fresh to the genre.

This week, we get an exclusive peek at the game’s class system. Rend will have 4 classes at launch that players can pick from. The interesting thing is that you don’t select your class at the character creation screen. Unlike other games and MMORPGs, every player here will start as the same blank canvas.

The selection of classes will take place at level 2. By then, players will have enough talent points to spend in one of 4 class paths. These paths are the Assassin, Soldier, Survivalist and Mystic. What’s cool is that players will have enough talent points to spend in two trees.

That means that you can pick two class paths, and they play differently depending on your primary and secondary selections. So a player who picks Soldier as the primary and Mystic as secondary will have a different experience compared to a player who picks the reverse.

It’s a unique class system that not many modern games do, save for Grim Dawn. Advancements will mean ascending path tiers, which of course will require more talent points. Therefore, earning experience will be central to how you “level” up your chosen paths which is standard affair.

The classes themselves are pretty much self explanatory to the game. Assassins are for the stealthy, moving quickly around the map and dealing lots of burst damage.

Soldiers are for players who enjoy being tanks. You carry more weight and can take more damage than the rest. Survivalists are handyman, capable of being flexible in the game. Crafters and gatherers will enjoy this path.

Finally, Mystics are the secretive class, and the best way to describe it is magic. They are the support class of Rend, able to heal and do cool things to help the faction and group.





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