Trove: Adventures Is Now Live Across All Platforms

Trove: Adventures Is Now Live Across All Platforms

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Trove: Adventures Is Now Live Across All Platforms

Trove has just been updated this week with a free expansion, Adventures. Players can now team up and tackle the game’s sprawling world like never before.

Trove-Adventures features a better Club system, allowing players to play together and go on adventures. Doing so will level up their own clubs and will be great for earnign rewards. For those that love landscapes, new biomes are also here. Enter the Forbidden Spires – a brand new Asian inspired architecture biome. It comes with matching NPCs, Dungeons and lairs to conquer.

In addition, Mastery is now achievable by collecting items and increasing character level. Veteran Trovians can now earn benefits from their accumulated mastery. It’s a new progression system that ensures you will always earn rewards for playing.

Other additions coming in Trove – Adventures include updated leaderboards that reward top players for their efforts with rare cosmetic rewards and a new window for tracking, granting, and guiding you and your club on your adventures. Plus, new recipes known as Frameworks offer players pre-built designs for unique items like statues and buildings fashioned out of blocks to decorate their club worlds or cornerstones.

Overall, Adventures is a pretty solid update that will offer hours of fun new gameplay.

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