ArcheAge Unchained 2020: Before You Jump In

ArcheAge Unchained 2020: Before You Jump In

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gamigo has extended its offering of a free trial for players to check out Archeage Unchained, a premium version of ArchAge that launched last year. Running now until December 10th, here’s more information about ArcheAge Unchained and what you can expect.

Payment Model and Key Differences

The biggest difference between the live servers and this new version is the payment model. Unchained is not free to play, and requires a one time purchase. Right now there are three pre-order packages available, and after launch the game will stick by it’s one time fee in the range of $30. There also isn’t an optional subscription or Patron status for bonuses. This implies of course, that players can expect no P2W. Players cannot transfer items, Credits or characters between the live servers and Unchained.

Diligence Coins and Lootboxes

One way the game aims to keep things fresh and fair is by changing a few mechanics. For example in Unchained, there’s a new Diligence Coin currency awarded to players for simply playing the game. It can be spent in the new Diligence shop to purchase cosmetics. The ArchePass is also getting a revamp, and players can upgrade it to Premium using Credits. Unlike the live version, again most of what you can get are cosmetics. When it comes to lootboxes, say goodbye to them because they won’t be on Unchained.

Fair PvE/PvP Progresion and Gameplay

Another big change to Unchained is with its Labor system. The new version will adopt the Korean Labor System which allows 3000 server labor points, and there’s no paying for LP using real money here. The Marketplace is also going to make players happy. Majority of items on it provide cosmetics – no stats, no Labor regeneration and no mounts, only Glider skins. In the Housing deparment, much of what exists already will be the same except players can no longer buy tax certificates. There will also be a land-lock until the first Saturday after release, ensuring a fair competitive race to get housing land.

Explore The World Freely

Having been continuously updated and expanded on in the past five years, the three large continents of ArcheAge offer a myriad of areas, cities and dungeons for the player to explore. In ArcheAge: Unchained, players now can travel freely around the epic fantasy world. In the new version mounts, pets and gliders with special buffs can be unlocked through gameplay.

New Graphics, Skill Set and Content

Another welcome addition to both Unchained and free ArcheAge is the graphics overhaul. The Elf race models have been given a face-lift in addition to environments of some areas in-game. They do look pretty good. Both versions are being updated together simultaneously, so no player gets left out of the brand new content, updates and skill sets that come to the game.

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